Meet Samantha

Samantha Fogg Nielsen

Samantha lives in sunny Arizona with her husband, Jeff and her three children.  She completed a B.A. in Interpersonal Communications and embraces the belief that building and maintaining exceptional relationships is essential to personal happiness.

When Samantha is asked about the origination of Babysitting Co-op 101, Samantha's answer is one that resonates with most parents raising young families.

"Once I had my first child and started raising my young family I realized that it was critical to find a reliable childcare solution for times when my children could not be with me.  Situations such as doctor’s appointments, work conferences and trips to the accountant are just a few of the scenarios which motivated me to develop and implement this babysitting solution. 

Additionally, I believe it is important for all parents to take time to invest in their own needs and interests.  As parents, we often feel a sense of guilt and self-induced worry when we take time to indulge, ....just a little, in the things that bring us peace and happiness.  Effective parenting requires that we take care of ourselves without carrying that undue burden of guilt. Babysitting Co-op 101 provides a guilt-free answer to this dilemma --- empowering parents to create a sense of balance in their ever demanding lives. Parents come back to their children with an increased feeling of rejuvenation and are happy to take up their roles and responsibilities once again.  Babysitting co-ops create a win-win solution for everyone involved!"