~ What Parents are Saying about Babysitting Co-Op ~
 “I’ve been participating with my neighborhood babysitting co-op for years and love the freedom it affords me! The program is easy to set-up, self-maintaining and fun for everyone involved. Plus, I am able to save a significant amount of money in childcare expenses while my children get to play with their friends. The benefits of this program far outweigh the small investment which is required on my part. I have confidently recommended this program to a number of other parents who are looking for a win-win childcare solution.
Annie McGee, Lauren Grace & Co.

“My son is two and has Down Syndrome. While he is doing great, he has had some health conditions that make leaving him hard to do. Since I have joined the babysitting co-op, I feel confident about leaving him with other mothers rather than leaving my special needs child with a young adolescent. I have peace of mind knowing that his needs are met along with his older brother. Not only are these women co-op moms themselves, they are my friends and love my kids. I am able to relax and not worry about his care when I am away.”
Lana Hope, Mother of Special Needs Child

“By implementing the guidelines found in this book, I was able to successfully start my own babysitting co-op. The book is very clear and easy to understand. The authors did a great job explaining every aspect of the co-op program and in answering my questions. I was able to easily adapt different aspects of the babysitting co-op program to fit the needs of my individual group. The examples and sample material, which are provided, are very helpful. I highly recommend Time Out for Mom to anyone who’s interested in finding a fun and easy childcare solution.”
Tiffany Knowles, Mother of 2

“I am a mother of three and operate my own home based business. Prior to joining a babysitting co-op, finding quiet time in which to conduct conference calls or work on proposals was a real challenge. I’ve been involved in my babysitting co-op group for almost two years and love the freedom and flexibility it affords me. Thanks to our babysitting co-op, I am now able to take care of my business without interruptions while my children get to play with their friends. The babysitting co-op has eliminated my need for daycare: saving our family a significant amount of money. Contributing eight hours of my time toward babysitting for the co-op is a small tradeoff when compared to the numerous benefits the babysitting co-op program provides.”
Anna Gomm, Mother of 3

“Staying at home with my children is a high priority for our family. While I thoroughly enjoy being a full time mom, my profession doesn’t generate additional income. Having a babysitting co-op available to our family has helped us save money, which we then are able apply toward other needs.”
Sara Chandler, Mother of 3