Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Disciplining Other Peoples' Kids

Disciplining children is a hot topic right now. For an interesting Today Show discussion on disciplining other people's kids, click here. In the discussion, Linda Fears and Jeff Gardere talk about looking out for other people's children and disciplining them if there's no one around to stop a dangerous situation but you.

In your babysitting co-op, you sit down with the other parents and discuss discipline. When you have children at your home during a babysitting shift, it's your responsibility to discipline them according to the methods chosen by the entire group of parents.

But what about disciplining kids outside of the structured babysitting co-op venue? What if you're at the playground and a child is doing something that could hurt himself or other children and no other adults seem to be stepping in?

Jeff Gardere establishes three rules.

1. Never put your hands on someone else's child.
2. Don't raise your voice.
3. If possible, get permission from the other parent to discipline their child, and talk to that parent about their disciplining your own child.

What do you think about Jeff Gardere's rules? And how have you handled disciplining other peoples' kids?

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  1. 1)punishment is another method of educating children . Punishment should educate kid, should improve the kid's controlling power(its not how parent controls kid, its a matter of how kid controls himself with the help of parent's methods).
    2) Punishment is a special process of learning. It should teach what kid has to do tomorrow based on today's useless activities.