Friday, July 27, 2012

Kids' Olympics Activities

Celebrate the Olympics in your babysitting co-op with some fun outdoor activities:

Hammer Throw. Stuff a smallish paper bag with newspaper. Tie it off with a 12" string. Have the kids hold the end of the string, spin around three times, and then let go. Watch how far the "hammer" travels. The longest distance wins.

Javelin Throw. Tape four drinking straws together end to end, and set a wastepaper basket about 5 feet from the starting line. Throw the straws into the basket. Each player gets 5 turns. Whoever gets it in the basket most wins.

Shot Put. Make a ball out of aluminum foil, and teach the kids how to hold it near their ears and then push it away by extending their arms. Tell them that they can't move their feet. The longest distance wins.

Discus Throw. Use a frisbee for your discus, or if you don't have a frisbee, tape two foam plates together. Have them throw the frisbee as far as possible. Longest distance wins.

Water Balloons. Water balloons are obviously not an Olympic sport, but it's a hot summer, and you'll need a way to cool off at the end!

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