Monday, October 29, 2012

Co-op Etiquette

It's true that participating in a babysitting co-op saves you money, frees up some of your time, and helps you to be a valued part of a community. To keep everything running smoothly, though, it's smart to brush up on your co-op etiquette.

·         Take a few minute to show genuine interest and concern for the well-being of your co-op members.
·         Be punctual when dropping off and picking up your children.
·         Honor the established rules for payment, switching shifts, and other aspects of your babysitting co-op program.
·         Be quick to recognize and praise the good behavior that your co-op kids may have displayed while in your care. (Parents always want to know if their children are practicing the social skills they’re teaching at home).
·         Likewise, be sure to inform a parent of any disruptive behavior displayed while their children were in your care.
·         Share any unusual circumstances your child might be experiencing when you drop your child off for another member’s care (sensitivity due to an ear infection, teething discomforts, unusual lethargy, etc.).
·         Give the children in your care the time and attention they deserve.
·         Be aware of the number of tickets you’ve accrued and have left to spend. (Saving up tickets for a special event is fine, but the majority of the tickets need to be in circulation in order for the program to function well).

In addition to your own good etiquette, teach your children how to be good hosts and guests. Teach them to say 'hello' and 'good-bye' as they come and go, correct them when they misbehave, and compliment them when they make improvements. Babysitting co-op is wonderful for teaching children good manners. They get lots of practice in many different households.

What other etiquette tips do you suggest?

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