Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Field Trip: Pumpkin Patch

If your co-op hasn't had a good outing for a while, it's time to visit a local pumpkin patch. Outings are great because you'll have time to chat with the other parents. Usually, you just swap pleasantries at the door as babysitting shifts begin and end, but during an outing, you can really get to know one another.

Also, kids enjoy these group outings so they can see all of their friends at once. They'll have a ball, run around the pumpkin patch, and be home in time for naps.

Search online for local farms that offer Halloween festivities. Some farms allow kids to pick a pumpkin directly from the field. In addition, you may find that some farms have other activities available, too: hay rides, kettle corn, corn mazes, and more.

We recently visited a pumpkin patch that featured 3 haunted barns, 2 trike trails, a life-size Candyland game, a straw jumping pile, a petting zoo, and a bouncy castle. There was enough fun to last all day.

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