Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is a Babysitting Co-op Right for You?

You may have heard about babysitting co-ops, like the North Side Babysitting Co-op in Chicago or the Garden Hills Babysitting Co-op in Atlanta, but you're not sure if a babysitting co-op is right for you. It's true that babysitting co-ops require a certain amount of commitment, but the benefits are tangible and often much greater than what you put into it.

See if you have any of these characteristics of a co-op parent:

  • Has young children who aren’t enrolled in school
  • Operates a home-based business
  • Works part-time hours outside of the home
  • Lives away from relatives who could assist with childcare
  • Needs additional support as a single parent
  • Attends school on a part time basis
  • Volunteers in schools, church organizations, community events, etc.
  • Home schools children
  • Assists in medical care for aging parents or other relatives
  • Pursues individual interests and hobbies regularly
  • Likes to save money
  • Seeks socializing opportunities for children
  • Has an only child who needs greater interaction with other children
  • Supervises children’s associations
  • Desires safe, competent, reliable care in a known and trusted environment
As you can see, babysitting co-ops can meet a wide variety of needs and help in a variety of situations. If you don't have a local babysitting co-op to join, consider starting your own. We're here to help. Feel free to contact us with questions as you organize your own local co-op.

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