Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5-Minute Personalized Tooth Fairy Money Holder

Every now and then, our tooth fairy forgets about her duties (for a couple of days), and when this happens, she wants to do something a little extra special to make sure the toothless one feels extra-special and loved. In this case, our forgetful tooth fairy used a couple of 3x5 cards and a sewing machine to make a holder for that dollar bill that will soon be spent on candy (to corrupt the other teeth, no doubt). Here's how it works.

First, draw a charming tooth shape on an index card. If you want, you can find tooth shape clip art online, but if that seems like too much effort, just draw an upside-down mountain with two peaks.

Put one card on top of the other, and cut the tooth shape out of both cards. Next, draw a letter or number on the card. I used an "E" for Eva, but you could also do a number, as in "#1" for the very first tooth lost. Or if you're artistic, you could draw a simple design. But keep it simple. You're going to use sew over this guideline.

Use a zig-zag or straight stitch to sew right over the top of the letter or number. I changed the thread to something bright.

 Next, zig-zag around the side and bottom edges, leaving the top open for the money slot.

Slip the money in, and the tooth fairy is redeemed! How fun to find this on your pillow. Now that's a tooth fairy who cares!

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