Thursday, December 12, 2013

Co-op Christmas Cookie Exchange

What's a cookie exchange? You bake one kind of cookie, and you go home with a beautiful assortment of cookies that will last throughout the holidays (presumably).

Are you looking for a great way to bring your babysitting co-op together for the holidays? Why not organize a co-op Christmas cookie exchange. It's simple to organize, doesn't require much work, and allows everyone to get reacquainted. Here's a simple checklist you can use to get your co-op cookie exchange in motion.

  • Send invitations. Invite everyone in your co-op, and if you're in need of a few more families in your co-op, invite a few extra friends or neighbors who might want to participate. This would be a great chance for them to see your co-op in action and get to know the other parents.
  • Determine how many cookies each guest will make. If you have fewer than 10 participants, ask each guest to make a dozen for each attendee. If you have more people than that, half a dozen cookies for each attendee should be plenty.
  • Find out who's coming and what kinds of cookie's they're bringing. If everyone is bringing coconut macaroons, gently suggest some variety, like these white chocolate brownies.
  • Decide on a simple menu of snacks and drinks. Cider or hot cocoa are great, along with some vegetables and hummus or finger sandwiches.
  • Find a large table for the cookie spread. If you don't have a large dining room table, set up several card tables and cover them with a large tablecloth.
  • Borrow serving trays. If you can't locate serving trays for displaying the cookies, ask guests to provide their own. In a pinch, cookie sheets draped with cloth napkins work just fine.
  • Purchase extra plates, storage bags, and plastic wrap. If guests don't have a way to transport all of their loot home, you'll have supplies for them.
  • Have the party! When you invite guests in, have them set out there cookies and then mix and mingle while they snack. Allow each guest to take 6 or 12 of each kind of cookie at the end of the party.
  • Collect the recipes. Ask guests to email their recipe to you. You can compile them and send out a master list to everyone as a thoughtful Christmas gift.
What's your favorite holiday cookie recipe ever? We're hungry, and we want to make them.

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