Saturday, October 29, 2011

Behavior Tip: Advance Notice

Sometimes we forget that young children need more time to adapt to new situations than we do. If you have several toddlers during a babysitting shift, remember to give them advance notice 10 minutes prior to a transition, and you will find that your babysitting shift goes smoother.

For example, if you're planning on taking the children outside for a walk, make an announcement ten minutes before you plan on leaving: "We're going to be going for a walk outside in 10 minutes. It's so nice outside!" Let the children continue to play, and then mention the walk again a couple of minutes before the walk: "It's almost time for our walk, so let's put these toys away and get our shoes on."

When kids have some time to adjust before transitions, they don't feel caught off guard or out of control of the situation, and they're much less likely to throw tantrums. If you are caring for children with Asperger's or autism, this is especially important because transitions can be quite difficult.

Remember to give the kids in your care advance notice, and everyone will be happier and calmer.

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