Thursday, February 2, 2012

Movie Time: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown

You can't miss the Valentine's Day candy at the grocery store, and if your kids are in preschool, there's probably already talk about Valentines and class lists and probably a party. Get your family and co-op kids in the mood by watching an old classic:

Just in case it's been a few years since you've seen it, we'll refresh your memory. This is the 1975 Emmy-nominated TV special where Charlie Brown faithfully checks his mailbox hoping for Valentines and takes a briefcase to school to carry home all the Valentines he hopes to receive. Snoopy dances around as Cupid and tries to hit Charlie Brown, but unfortunately he misses every time. Linus falls in love with his teacher and buys her an expensive box of chocolate with all his allowance money, and poor Sally thinks the chocolates are really for her.

It's a sweet, funny little film, and it may convert your kids to Charlie Brown--and that would be a wonderful thing because then you would have a reason (or excuse) to watch all the TV specials you grew up on.

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